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讲座:QoE Management for Video Streaming Services over the Internet


主讲人:Dr. Lingfen Sun(孙玲芬),the University of Plymouth, UK.

时 间:2019096号上午1000

地 点12202

承 办杭州电子科技大学通信工程学院


IP video traffic is the dominant traffic of all consumer Internet traffic today and will expand rapidly in the near future. Enhancing a customer’s experience, or Quality of Experience (QoE) is key to the success of delivering of IP video services, such as video call, video streaming and online video gaming over the Internet. This talk is about how to develop innovative control and management schemes to enhance QoE for video streaming services (e.g. YouTube and Netflix). It will start with an introduction on QoE, including what is QoE and how to manage QoE. Then it will go through some of Dr. Sun’s research projects on the QoE management for adaptive video streaming services over the Internet, utilising the Software Defined Networking (SDN). At the end, Dr Sun will share her thoughts on the challenges and future directions on QoE related research, and the research beyond QoE.


Dr. Lingfen Sun (L.Sun@plymouth.ac.uk) is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Multimedia Communications and Networks at the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, the University of Plymouth, UK. She received her PhD in Computing and Communications from the same university in 2004. She has been involved in many EU, UK and industry funded projects as Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI, including EU H2020 QoE-Net, FP7 GERYON and FP7 ADAMANTIUM. She has published one textbook on Voice and Video over IP by Springer, and over 110 papers in peer-refereed journals and conference proceedings. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the IEEE Multimedia Communications Technical Committee (MMTC). She was the Symposium Chair of IEEE ICC 2019 and 2014, TPC Co-Chair of QoMEX 2018, Publicity Co-Chair of IEEE ICME2011, Poster & Demo Co-Chair of IEEE Globecom 2010, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2016 – 2018) and the Founding Chair of the QoE Interest Group of IEEE MMTC (2010-2012). She has served as an expert evaluator/reviewer for grants for EU H2020, UK EPSRC and Canada NSERC. Her main research interests include multimedia networking, mobile networks, QoE, VoIP, SDN/NFV, multimedia applications for IoT, future Internet and Cloud Computing.